Stathas Ioannis

sports PT, MSc

Head of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation department OFI Crete FC

Ioannis Stathas has been the Physiotherapist in charge of the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department of PAE OFI since July 2022. He specializes in sports injuries, specializing in therapeutic exercise, and functional rehabilitation. He deals with rehabilitating professional athletes and has been a physiotherapist for championship-level teams (football, basketball, handball). Until the summer of 2021, he was a physical therapist at AEK F.C. for six years.

 He had conducted a research study on the differences in static and dynamic balance between football and basketball athletes. He is a graduate of the School of A-TEI Health and welfare scientists. He holds a Master’s Degree in “Therapeutic Exercise” from the School of Health Rehabilitation Sciences of the University of Patras. The subject of the master’s thesis was functional rehabilitation entitled “Multivariate evaluation of the effect of two functional rehabilitation programs for musculoskeletal injuries in professional soccer players at the time of their return to sports-A prospective study” 

He is a member of  Panhellenic Association of Physiotherapists (PSF). He has been retrained in sports physiotherapy as an exercise specialist (Sports physiotherapy Level 1, exercise specialist) through the International Federation of Sports Physiotherapists (IFSPT) program. 

He has carried out further training in several fields as far as physical therapy intervention is concerned:

  • Manual therapy
  • Indiba activ sports specialist, International
  • Medical Flossing
  • Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training
  • Isokinetic – Assessment to Treatment
  • Compex in rehabilitation
  • Diamagnetic pump
  • Kinesio taping – Evaluation and Treatment

In addition, he has retrained remotely in rehabilitation programs from the University of Barcelona through the Barca innovation hub: 

  • Training for Team Sports
  • Strengthening: From rehabilitation to performance

He holds the FIFA diploma in football medicine-FIFA and the Acute Intervention in Sports for Physiotherapists degree.

He is a member of the Hellenic Scientific Society of Physiotherapy (EEEF) and has participated in numerous seminars and conferences in Greece and abroad, such as:

  • Barca Sports Conference (2019)
  • Football Medicine Strategies for player care International Conference on sports rehabilitation and Traumatology, FIFA (2015)
  • 4th Interdisciplinary Conference of Physiotherapy students – Presentation of research work (2009).

Has also been a member of organizational committees in the organization of conferences:

  • Member of organizing Committee 7th ECOSEP conference titled: ‘Sports Medicine and Science –facts for the Future (2021)
  • Member of the organizing committee of the 1sr and 2nd conference of sports injuries, in AEK FC (2018,2019)

At the same time, as a speaker, he has presented important topics for functional rehabilitation in sports injuries:

  • President-facilitator of the round table titled “Injuries in football: the late (?) phase of rehabilitation” -Speakers from Barcelona FC, Paris-Saint Germain, and PSV Eindhoven (2021)
  • Presentation of ACL rehab in AEK FC in the 2nd conference of sports injuries of AEK FC (2019)