SportsMedEdu is the first educational community in Greece that has as its primary orientation exclusively the provision of continuing education in sports medicine regarding the diagnosis, rehabilitation, and prevention of injuries.

It is addressed to professionals interested in Sports Medicine through the organization of educational seminars offering the possibility for the development, exchange, and application of knowledge to provide high-quality services to athletes and society.

  Our purpose is to provide the knowledge for the complete and holistic approach of the athlete from the initial time of the injury until the return to sports.

The organization of independent educational seminars aims to contribute to the improvement and development of Sports Medicine science for the athlete’s safe, quick, and effective return to his competitive levels.

The innovation that characterizes the educational seminars is the conduct of the workshops with interaction learning in real time scenarios.

The SportsMedEdu team comprises Sports Doctors, Orthopedists, and Physiotherapists with postgraduate training in Sports Medicine and experience in education. It is supported by distinguished scientists in their field with expertise in the subject matter of the educational seminars.

The modules include the diagnosis (clinical imaging and clinical tests), all the stages of the rehabilitation of sports injuries, and the smooth return to sports (clinical and sports test measurements, use of GPS data) as well as injury prevention.

They take place in fully equipped facilities such as physical therapy centers, rehabilitation facilities, and stadiums with all the necessary and modern equipment

At SportsMedEdu understanding sports as a science – Sports is Medicine – we provide continuous high-level post-educational development in combination with innovative learning and transfer of Sports Medicine to daily practice