Hamstrings Masterclass with Nick Van der Horst


  • High-level education of health scientists

    Evidence-based prevention, diagnosis, evaluation, and rehabilitation of Hamstrings  injuries


The acquisition of documented knowledge:




differential diagnosis

clinical assessment and risk factors

Treatment of the injury from the initial timee to the final return to sports 

Target Audience

The workshop is designed for health scientists(doctors, physical therapists etc), fitness trainers, coaches, and others seeking to enhance and broaden their understanding of hamstrings injury treatment


Education method


Keynote speaker:

Dr. Nick van der Horst is a sports physiotherapist working in elite football. After working as the head of the medical staff for Go Ahead Eagles Football Club in Netherlands, he was employed by the Dutch national football association KNVB where to primarily be responsible for rehabilitating injured professional football players. At present, Nick is working as the rehabilitation coordinator for PSV Eindhoven. In 2017, Nick obtained his PhD on behalf of his research about the prevention of hamstring injuries in football. As an embedded scientist, he is also involved in research and lecturing about football medicine and physical performance.

Kalliakmanis Alkis,sports Physician,PhD

Kekelekis Afxedios,physical therapist,PhD c.

Stathas Ioannis,sports physical therapist,MSc


Day 1


09.00              Introduction


9.30              Hamstring Injury Diagnosis

  • Differential diagnoses
  • Clinical diagnosis
  • Hamstring avulsions


10.00              Prognosis after hamstring injury

  • Prognostic factors: what does the evidence say
  • Use and limitation of MRI/Ultrasound
  • Diagnose complete hamstring avulsie.


10.30              Hamstring injury Risk Factor Assessment

  • Screening for risk factors
  • Kinetic chain assessment
  • How do we deal with identified risk factors?


11.00 Clinical demonstration of assessment 


12.00 – 13.00 lunch



13.00              From Assessment to rehabilitation

  • Bridging assessment towards treatment plan objectives
  • Clinical reasoning for rehabilitation


13.30              Early-stage Rehabilitation (theory)

  • Acute Management
  • Basic concepts for the gym
  • Strength training
  • Force-Velocity profile


14.00              Core Stability

  • Role of the ‘core’ i.r.t. hamstring function
  • What does the evidence say?
  • Assessment of Lumbopelvic region


14.30             Practical demo of lumbopelvic assessment and training


15.30              Late-stage Rehabilitation

  • Basic concepts of Field Rehabilitation
  • Control-Chaos Continuum
  • Explosiveness & Sprint-specific training


16.00              Practical demo force velocity profile


17.00 Summary, Recap of day 1, Q&A



Day 2


09.00              Return-to-Play Decision making

  • Is it really multidisciplinary?
  • Criteria-based vs time-based


09.30              Prevention

  • Is there more than Nordics?



10.30              On-field demonstration [theory]

  • Sprint FVP
  •     Running assessment


  •     Control-Chaos Continuüm

11.30 – 13.00             On-field demonstration [practice]

  • Sprint FVP
  •     Running assessment & Horizontal force training
  •     Control-Chaos Continuüm
  •     Prevention: Nordics, Bounding



The seminar will be held in Thessaloniki. The details will be announced soon.


Modern live education(lectures, videos, clinical practice) and interactive real-time practice.

The educational seminar is implemented in small groups of participants and lasts one to two days. It is based on a combination of modern live learning and modern live interactive real-time learning.

Modern life learning concerns theoretical and clinical practice and will include lectures, videos, the interaction between trainers and participants, and clinical and laboratory-practical education.

Modern real-time interactive learning includes the interactive application of therapeutic exercise with demonstration, simulations, and reenactments in real-time scenarios in the rehabilitation area and on the football field.

350 Euros + 24% VAT

Early Bird Discount: 280 Euros until Octobher 15, 2024.

In case of cancellation of the participation, the registration amount is refunded in full up to 15 days before the realization of the seminar and in half up to 14 days before the completion of the workshop.

Note: The participant bears any costs of interbank transactions.


Successful completion of the program leads to the award of a Non-Formal Education Attendance Certificate

Supporting material

Participants will receive electronic material with the lectures and bibliography after program completion.

Declaration of participation

Hamstrings Masterclass with Nick Van der Horst