Educational seminars

Tendinopathies in sports

Tendinopathy is a disorder increasing in prevalence and its treatment involves a huge effort from patient and therapist.Around 30% of all people active in regular running exhibit Achilles tendinopathy, with an annual incidence of 7–9%.(Paul W. Ackermann, 2015)

Despite the extent of the disorder-targeted therapies has been limited due to lack of knowledge of the underlying pathophysiology.

At the conference organized by PAE OFI in collaboration with sportsmededu, all topics related to the diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of tendinopathy will be presented.

Load Management: Training Smarter and Harder

Dr. Tim Gabbett has built a distinguished career by working with elite professional athletes and publishing his research in esteemed scientific journals that undergo rigorous peer review. His publication record boasts over 300 articles, and he has presented at more than 400 national and international conferences. Dr. Gabbett’s Load Management Workshop, which has been conducted on six continents and in 24 countries, combines the most recent scientific information on training with practical strategies that can be applied immediately in clinical settings, with patients, athletes, or sporting teams.


Hamstrings Masterclass with Nick van der Horst

Dr. Nick van der Horst is a sports physiotherapist working in elite football. After working as the head of the medical staff for Go Ahead Eagles Football Club in Netherlands, he was employed by the Dutch national football association KNVB where to primarily be responsible for rehabilitating injured professional football players. At present, Nick is working as the rehabilitation coordinator for PSV Eindhoven. In 2017, Nick obtained his PhD on behalf of his research about the prevention of hamstring injuries in football. As an embedded scientist, he is also involved in research and lecturing about football medicine and physical performance.

A criteria-based clinical guide for a successful RTP post  ACLR

Dr. Wouter Welling is a sports scientist. He obtained his PhD in 2022 at the University of Groningen with the subject: “Return to sport after an ACL reconstruction. Are we there yet?”. Dr. Welling worked as an embedded scientist at a clinic in Groningen, from where he facilitated professional football clubs with testing, load monitoring, load management, return-to-sport, and prevention. Currently, he works in the rehabilitation and performance clinic “Pro-F” in Enschede. 

Dr. Wouter Welling has also been involved in many scientific studies and publications and he has extensive experience in translating scientific knowledge to the clinical situation in both a football and broader sports medicine context.